Barberries Honey

1 volume of honey with 1 volume of fresh black barberries nectar by extracting gives 1.3 volume of barberries honey.
The nature of barberries honey is cold and wet, useful for liver fat and abnormal secreted liver enzymes and also irregular function. Useful for decreasing blood pressure caused by liver problems. Also it’s recommended for oral ulcers and skin allergies caused by liver problems. Barberries honey helps cleaning up the blood and decreasing blood fat.
It’s very useful For those who their gall doesn’t work well or removed.
Using one full tablespoon at morning fasting (empty stomach) and night ( empty stomach) is necessary for the above mentioned problems  and for skin problems, using wheat germ cream and  barberries honey on the skin , daily 2 to 3 hours is necessary .(only cream for dry skins and both for  normal skins, only cream for damaged skins)
A 40 day experiment, shows that the fat around the liver is gone and secreting liver enzymes is much less according to the first day. And for allergies, using barberries honey with a diet plan shows Significant changes.
Using barberries honey for a long time, fixes the abnormal blood pressure and it affects more on the pressure of returning blood to the heart. Also helps the problems caused by drugs that affect on liver.

For skin allergies and oral ulcers, applying barberries honey on the spot, one time every 20 minutes for the first day, and one time every hour for the second day and one time every 3 hours for the next days, is the best way to treat this problem. Also do not forget eating barberries honey along applying it.
eating barberries honey after ginger honey is good for decreasing the hotness(humorism system) of ginger honey.(eating barberries honey after ginger honey is recommended)
This honey has no side effects but who has low blood pressure should be careful while eating it. And In case of high drop of blood pressure, eat it less and along with ginger honey.

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    30 January 2015 at 20:11 |
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