Kurdistan Honey

Organic honey from cold Kurdistan mountains that called Kurdistan organic honey
Before bringing bees to this area, we deplete it from winter feeding and we use thyme extract as a drug for (Varroa destructor) and we choose bees from apiaries from north Iran and Citrus orchards.
Also , we leave citrus honey in every colony as much as its needed for second month of the year (solar Hijri calendar) and  spawning eggs  so all citrus products will be used or feeding empty apiaries with healthy mountain honey with Sucrose under 4%  , because bees need lots of food in this season for reproduction
At this moment , colonies of north Iran jungles is being used that can collect honey and use it in the first month of the year (spawning eggs)
 after spending first month and beginning of the second month , bees are settled in Kurdistan area on a place that has no hand planting about 5 kilometers  around  

it should be noted that bringing honey pollens in second and third month (solar hijri) is so important for creating specific enzymes in bees stomach .

the presence of anemone flowers and in high value and also wild flowers of cold climate , gives us a miracle nectar.
Also, if bees settle   in a way that can involve some of Kurdistan’s forests, it causes Diversification of apiaries usage.  

The best way of using this honey for cure is one spoon in the morning (empty stomach)
The color of this honey is yellow oriented to red and sometimes light red that after six month will granulates and its granulate is soft and like Ghee. Using it, is more useful for kidney and digestion problems.
This produced honey is useful for Rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, anemia, kidney, bladder, migraine, nervous, digestive problems, Body infectious problems, Internal gastrointestinal ulcers, Hemorrhoid and even Wounds and burns ,lean and obese, Diarrhea or constipation, Diabetes and sexual power and generally is miracle and cure  for all kind of deceases for including different medical plants nectars , from mountains and forests .
This honey can be used instead of aspirin for Dilution of blood, 2 to 4 full spoon everyday

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