Ginger Honey

1 volume of honey and one volume of fresh ginger nectar by extracting gives about 1.2 volume of ginger honey
Ginger honey works like antibiotics and kills infections. With hot and dry nature. Heals the sour throat very fast. Sometimes, some bodies show no reaction to the chemical antibiotics. At this point, ginger honey can be a replace because it has some special antibiotics.  As you know, antibiotics have almost a hot nature and using barberries honey 5 to 10 minutes after ginger honey can reduce the hotness (humorism system) of ginger honey without ant bother.
This type of honey works as ranitidine and Omeperazole pills and other drugs for tympanites, reduces stomach acid in a long term.
This type of honey has no side effects and effects in blood after 20 minutes.
And who can’t use hot nature foods continually, should use some barberries honey with it.
 It should be mentioned that for sour throat, every 6 or 8 hours, ginger honey should be eaten(as sucking), a dessertspoon and for tympanites, at morning fasting and night(empty stomach), one dessertspoon. And if it happens during the day at a certain time, 10 minutes before or after the meal or when it happens and the person feels pain, they can use one dessertspoon of ginger honey.

For explanation, ginger honey reduces stomach acid and if it doesn’t work completely, for complete treatment, Hakim D honey and Kurdistan honey should be used along ginger honey and for six month, they should follow the method that is explained at digestion part.

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  • حیدری

    11 March 2019 at 17:50 |
    ممنون استاد امیدوارم معجون پیشنهادی شماموثر باشد...سپاس
  • حیدری

    11 March 2019 at 17:52 |
    Thank's alot

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