Pineapple Honey

One volume of honey with one volume of pineapple nectar by extracting gives 1.2 volume of pineapple honey
This type of honey is useful for healing broken bones and accelerates the healing of wounds and burns and also after surgery. Pineapple honey is a pleasant food serum that is used when the patient has been weakened and unable to move.
3 spoons of pineapple honey and a glass of water makes a fresh natural juice.
 Using method for above mentioned problems:
At morning fasting , one full spoon (empty stomach)
At night , one full spoon (empty stomach, at least 2 hours after eating anything)
This honey has no side effects but can be useful as a food serum, using 2 to 5 spoons while Hospitalization, absorbed in 20 minutes and shows its effects at first 10 days.

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  • حسن

    27 September 2014 at 23:42 |
    سلام.محصولاتتوت رو به صورته میشه تهیه کرد؟

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