Treatment with Extracting plants with Honey

Extracting plants with honey is done by one of three below methods:
1) Mixing honey with the plant itself: this method has lower effects for treatment and absorbed slowly
2)  Mixing honey with plant nectar without dehumidification: in this method, humidity will corrupt the Medicine from 24 to 48 hours and the medicine should be used less than 48 hours or kept in less than zero ° C. also in this method, high humidity will not defend us from 20% of side effects.
3) Extracting honey with plant nectar along with dehumidification:  dehumidification is done by two ways, first) the bee it’s self, second) bee simulator machine
First) the bee: extracting will be done as follows, mixing the plant nectar with honey and feeding it to the bees so extracting is done inside or outside the hive at the 37° C. in this method, main honey essences Evaporation is so low and harvesting is Variable between 10 to 100% of plant nectar and 100% of honey, depends on the plant type and for mixing plant nectar with honey, there are some limitations. Because using this kind of mix is not sure for bees all the time (depending on the plants type).
Also, in this process, the mixed honey with plants nectar that was involved with bee’s stomachs enzymes, will enter its stomach again and will be involved another time.
In this situation, we have double diastase honey with 10 to 100% of plants extract but there are two problems: first, lots of nectars won’t be used by bees and will be wasted and second, bees are afraid of using these nectars most of times.
Second) bee simulator machine
This machine can reduce the humidity of honey and plant nectar mix slowly at 37° C.
In this method, some of useful essences of plant will Evaporates but about 90%  of affective material will stay in the honey, and we can produce 110kg of extract from mixing 100kg of honey and 100kg plants nectar  and its drinkable and very useful for treatments and cures.
it should be noted that in both methods, the temperature more than 37° C  and boiling plants, not just reduce the plants use but even maybe cause some side effects and it will be harmful
It’s better to use organic Kurdistan honey  with Antibacterial properties and higher Plant diversity.

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  • سارا

    26 October 2018 at 01:56 |
    درود,متنتون عالي و جالب بود
    يه سوال دارم ،شما عسل گل قاصدك رو هم امتحان كرديد؟ اينكه عصاره گل رو به عسل أضافه كنيد و تركيب رو بدست اوريد؟؟ واقعا عسل قاصدك اينقدر خاصيت داره؟
    • مدیر سایت

      15 December 2018 at 10:28 |
      سلام. خیر هنوز چنین عصاره ای تولید نکرده ایم. ولی به روشی که در اختیار داریم، قادر هستیم تا هر گیاه دارویی را با عسل عصاره گیری کنیم

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