Cedar (ziziphus) Honey

Organic honey of ziziphus tree from tropical area .  This tree is flowering twice a year and lives in the warm and dry mountains up to 55 centigrade degrees . its flowering is more in autumn and has a very soft nectar that is used by bees in the 7th month of year (solar calendar)  . bees collect them in the hive and after centrifuging them with their wax , we see it as a while foam and after a few weeks in natural temperature , the color will orients to Amethystine . ziziphus honey will orients to dark red after a year and it becomes darker every year  and after 3 years it will be Reddish-black.
This type of honey will not granulate after four years or more in different temperatures of cold climates and even if it granulates , it will be half granulate like ghee and melts fast with a little heat .
Producing organic ziziphus honey is as follows : after evacuating kurdistans honey completely , and giving the extract of  thyme to the apiary for varroa destructor disease  , hives will be settled at place and use only and only ziziphus trees nectar  .

Produced honey is low humidity, low Calorie with cold nature and higher fructose than other types of honey. also ,  when this tree is flowering , no other trees are flowering , so this honey , plus being organic  in production , also is a “one flower “ organic production .  
Produced honey is the best type honey for children under a year of age and breastfeeding mothers and pregnant mothers , because this honey is useful for jaundice of newborn babies and also  allergies , heart and includes more fructose so it can be used by diabetics one to two spoons singly a day .
Two types of above mentioned honey , three stars Kurdistan organic honey and three stares ziziphus organic honey , are produced from tropical and cold climates of Iran and It is recommended for patients.

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