Oleaster Honey

Removing Fresh oleaster flowers from its branch and leafs, then embedding it in to the honey. Honeys humidity will increase from 14% to 19%. After heating honey with 25°c heat, humidity will go back at 14%. This cycle will be done several times so a high amount of flowers will be extracted into honey. Extracting 1 volume of oleaster flowers and 1 volume of honey give 1.1 volume of oleaster honey. The essence and the scent of oleaster is unstable and the heat of Evaporator shouldn’t be more than 25°c.
Oleaster honey is perfect for Regulating of women’s estrogen hormone. women’s hormones disorder cause several problems like headache during the menstruation , ache in front or back of the head, Migraine, lack of sleep and modes like who has anemia, and sometimes menstruation stops and also decreasing female hormones and increasing male hormones cause problems like unwanted hair in face and a change in voice.
Experiment on 100 woman shows that most of them are cured from migraine and irregular menstruation stop and in some cases, hormones level has fixed and unwanted hair and manly voice change were gone completely. Eating one to 2 full tablespoon as sucking along Kurdistan honey is very useful. This honey will be absorbed in 20 minutes through mouth, Esophagus and maybe stomach, enters the blood and shows it effects after a few days. Using some honey pollen with above mentioned products is necessary sometimes.
Using oleaster honey in 20 to 40 days continually can kill Gynecological infections

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