Chlorophyll Honey

For decreasing blood sugar, after one year experiment for mixing honey with mountain nettle essence(a kind of plant) from mountains of height 2800 meters between Qom and Kashan (2 Iranian cities) we made nettle honey. After examine it on 200 persons, we found out that this type of honey is useful for only 50% of patients and no effect on the other 50%. And also according to the garlic honey at the start that had close results to this experiment, we tried to make a cure for all diabetes patients.
With extracting the green Walnut shell and now the raw and small walnut 50% and ziziphus honey 50% with high fructose at 37° C or less in 30 days, we achieved an extract called Chlorophyll honey.
After testing it on 500 patients till now, no progress in children diabetes, and adults who use insulin or sugar-lowering pills, we discovered 3 kinds of effects.
It lowers the side effects of diabetes in all patients, and for some patients, it helps to reduce more the blood sugar along with the pills, and for some patients, they could leave their pills and replace the Chlorophyll honey, and for whom uses insulin, reducing insulin was obvious.

Using Chlorophyll  honey is as follows: half an hour before breakfast one tea spoon and as much as it affects, using insulin or pills must be reduced and if you  found a good result, add one tea spoon at night (empty stomach)

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